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Thierry and Grégoire (Managers of TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT SA)

Thierry Gaujarengues and Grégoire Tomatis, owners of TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT SA are leading a community of thousands of clinicians, therapists and educators who have implemented innovative cognitive approaches to help people with a variety of difficulties. Those professionals are both courageous and curious enough to integrate new techniques into their own practices. One by one, day by day, they are changing people’s lives. It became obvious to Thierry and Grégoire that those professionals deserve a reliable tool to accurately determine their clients' profiles and to objectively assess their progress.

But here was the challenge: These professionals are MDs, SLPs, OTs, Psychologists, Teachers, Special Needs Teachers, PTs, Coaches...They are experts in Learning, Language, ADHD, Autism, Psychological, Academic skills... They have a variety of diplomas, backgrounds, and approaches. And on the top of that, each of their clients is unique!

For Grégoire and Thierry this raises a simple question. What do Therapists or Educational professionals all have in common? In one way or another, they all impact the ATTENTION skills of their clients.

Indeed, attention is the cognitive function involved in any learning process. Thierry and Grégoire made it their mission to find a way to assess this common but complex cognitive function.

And here is where the project took off.

After years of clinical studies and thousands of tests, a scientific company NEUROTECH SOLUTIONS has been able to easily and objectively measure the ATTENTION profile of any individual. It took months of intense collaboration for Grégoire and Thierry and Neurotech Solutions NTS to adapt the test and make it available to therapists and educators as a pre/post test version.

With the help of SOUND FOR LIFE Ltd, which ensures distribution and client support, this test is now available everywhere to any professionals from educational or therapeutic fields who are in the business of changing peoples' lives.

Meet TOATEST.COM, the most reliable and comprehensive pre/post test of attention!

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TOATEST.COM is an educational test available for professionals only. It is not a means to establish a medical diagnosis but helps to determine progress. TOATEST.COM has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.