Test of attention

Attention is the most fundamental cognitive function and is involved in all aspects of learning.
As a therapeutic and educational professional you are helping people improve their attention skills.
We can help you accurately and thoroughly measure attention skills before and after your interventions.

  • ReliableBased on scientifically validated test
  • EasyAvailable in remote version for home testing
  • UniversalNo verbal or reading tasks
  • ComprehensiveChart report of performance and progression
  • SecuredHigh level of security: HIPPA compliant


From severe difficulties to high performance,
the test tracks FOUR major performance indices

  • Attentiveness Ability to correctly evaluate and respond to a stimulus sample of the test result picture
  • Vigilance Ability to respond correctly within the time-frame allotted for a task sample of the test result picture
  • Impulsiveness The tendency to respond at an inappropriate point in time sample of the test result picture
  • Hyper-reactivity Excessive responses that are defined as incorrect and unnecessary sample of the test result picture

The test tracks the behavior of the client during the test and assesses each of the indices.
It gives you an accurate before and after score for each index. It is also expressed as a percentage of progress.


The test is designed to be like a game.

Your client is asked to click on the space bar when the target symbol appears. Visual and auditory distractors challenge the client's attention, just as in real life. The test tracks Global Performance for each index and Behavior throughout the test. You can repeat the test whenever you want to assess progress.

Who is it for?

TOATEST.COM platform is dedicated to therapists and educational professionals.
The test can be performed by most people, with or without difficulties.
No verbal information to understand or reading tasks to perform.

You can run 2 versions:

  • One for children (6-12)
  • One for teens and adults (13-70)

with or without difficulties

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TOATEST.COM is an educational test available for professionals only. It is not a means to establish a medical diagnosis but helps to determine progress. TOATEST.COM has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.