TOATEST performance graph


While TOATEST.COM is not designed to diagnose difficulties or medical conditions, it helps you to evaluate the attention profile of your clients.

TOATEST.COM provides a score for each index based on the user performance compared to a group of the same age and gender, as well as comparison to the user's performance throughout the test.


The Performance Graphs clearly map the client’s performance throughout the test and indicates the points at which different distractors were introduced. This provides you with more in-depth information about the client's behavior during the test, and helps identify whether the client is sensitive to visual and/or auditory distractors.


The test gives you the ability to assess the progress of each of your clients.
Any, even small performance changes, are, evaluated.

  • You can easily measure the progress before and after the test. For each index you have access to the relative rate of change.
  • You can easily measure if the impact of auditory or visual distractors has decreased after your therapeutic or pedagogic intervention.

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TOATEST.COM is an educational test available for professionals only. It is not a means to establish a medical diagnosis but helps to determine progress. TOATEST.COM has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.