Target and Distractors

In TOATEST.COM, the user is requested to click on the space bar of the computer every time he/she sees the target element while ignoring visual and auditory distractors.

Whether the user is a child (6-12) or a teen or adult (13-70), the target element and distractors are adapted to the age. Each version contains audio and visual distractors, varying by loads, symbols and appearance intervals, simulating daily-life attentional challenges.

In order to focus on the seemingly simple task, the subject must ignore the visual and auditory distractions employed by the test, just as he or she would have had to do in real life. The subject must use active inhibition of distractors in order to stay on task, which makes the test both challenging and revealing.

The distractors are short, animated stimuli that are irrelevant to the task being performed. They can be visual only, auditory only, or a combination of the two. The test is divided into eight levels and various types of distractors appear throughout the separate levels of the assessment process:

  • Level 1 > Basic 1: Baseline level, without any distractors
  • Level 2 > Visual 1: Minor visual distractors
  • Level 3 > Visual 2: Major visual distractors
  • Level 4 > Audio 1: Minor auditory distractors
  • Level 5 > Audio 2: Major auditory distractors
  • Level 6 > Combo 1: Combination of minor visual and auditory distractors
  • Level 7 > Combo 2: Combination of major visual and auditory distractors
  • Level 8 > Basic 2: No distractors (similar to Basic 1)

For children

target and non target for children

For teens and adults

target and non target for adults

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TOATEST.COM is an educational test available for professionals only. It is not a means to establish a medical diagnosis but helps to determine progress. TOATEST.COM has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.